Isaiah 2: Guns to Garden Tools

The prophets knew their bible well. Much of their imagery comes from borrowed symbols and stories originating in the Torah. As we get to Isaiah chapter 2, we too will need to know the Torah, specifically Genesis here, with great appreciation. Isaiah 2 opens with a vision regarding the "last days". It is important to … Continue reading Isaiah 2: Guns to Garden Tools

He Tabernacled Among Us

In a world where temples where commonplace for religious activity and often the center of a city, the Christian faith in the first century certainly would have stood out for their lack of temple building. It seems Christians have always been thought of as a little weird. For people of the ancient world, a temple … Continue reading He Tabernacled Among Us

Everyday Sabbath

Aw. The weekend. What an incredible invention! You can genuinely thank God for that idea. Taking a day off from work and intentionally resting has not always been the normal expectation for the working class. Go way back to the ancient times and you have this one little group of people, the Israelites, taking one … Continue reading Everyday Sabbath

Time to Get Wright! (5 Books to Read When Reading the Bible Gets Difficult)

I was recently asked by a friend for books to help him engage the Bible on a deeper level. He was reading his Bible but feeling like a spark was missing. Daily devotions just were not doing it. For many followers of Jesus, there comes a point when reading the Bible feels dry and repetitive. … Continue reading Time to Get Wright! (5 Books to Read When Reading the Bible Gets Difficult)