Isaiah 5: A Wedding Song Gone Wrong

Envision yourself at a wedding. Someone from the bridal party stands up to give a toast. It starts with beautiful sentiment. They are complimenting the bride and groom and reflecting on their love. You assume this admiration will continue in the speech. But suddenly things turn south. The speaker starts accusing the happy couple of … Continue reading Isaiah 5: A Wedding Song Gone Wrong

Isaiah 2: Guns to Garden Tools

The prophets knew their bible well. Much of their imagery comes from borrowed symbols and stories originating in the Torah. As we get to Isaiah chapter 2, we too will need to know the Torah, specifically Genesis here, with great appreciation. Isaiah 2 opens with a vision regarding the "last days". It is important to … Continue reading Isaiah 2: Guns to Garden Tools

Isaiah 1: The Cosmic Courtroom

Necessary Background Welcome to the first chapter of Isaiah! Before getting into the text, it will be necessary to set the scene. If you have any experience reading the Old Testament, you have probably picked up on the seemingly disorganized chronology of its books. Many of the prophets can often be mapped unto stories found … Continue reading Isaiah 1: The Cosmic Courtroom

Reading the Prophets

Old Testament prophets. The final frontier. So it seems. For many Christians the prophets are uncharted territory filled with odd visions, sharp words, and lengthy poetry. Few venture here nowadays. For some, the title of “Prophet” conjures up an image of a future-telling wizard with no present time relevance. This caricature is aided by our … Continue reading Reading the Prophets