Isaiah 5: A Wedding Song Gone Wrong

Envision yourself at a wedding. Someone from the bridal party stands up to give a toast. It starts with beautiful sentiment. They are complimenting the bride and groom and reflecting on their love. You assume this admiration will continue in the speech. But suddenly things turn south. The speaker starts accusing the happy couple of … Continue reading Isaiah 5: A Wedding Song Gone Wrong

Party With Jesus: Why Jesus Turned Water to Wine

Even Jesus knew the quickest way to our heart was through the stomach. The highlights of his ministry and teaching, given to us by the gospel writers, often place Jesus among food and drink. Whether he was having meals with his disciples, outsiders, the unlikely, the Pharisees or even feeding massive crowds with little resources, … Continue reading Party With Jesus: Why Jesus Turned Water to Wine

He Tabernacled Among Us

In a world where temples where commonplace for religious activity and often the center of a city, the Christian faith in the first century certainly would have stood out for their lack of temple building. It seems Christians have always been thought of as a little weird. For people of the ancient world, a temple … Continue reading He Tabernacled Among Us